When I started here, my mom, my Aunt Judy and the water delivery guy at our first office thought we were a dating service, and really how could you fault them when looking at the company name beyondrelations, LLC. Everyone has always been kind of shocked at the answer that we develop and sell software for the aerospace supply chain. The sign on the door to our office is “beyondRelations, LLC it’s not just the data… It’s the relationships!”, but most people don’t see that so they think we have a weird company name that sends a lot of our emails to the spam filter until we can get white listed. Apparently, spam filters have dirty minds when you use the word relations.

The name is true to the company. It is not just about the data. Our system has a ton of it, customers add more but what makes it work so great is the relationships we form with that data in the system to make it a powerful tool for our customers. We are also a company that is about relationships. We understand that our systems run our customers businesses, and we are long-term partners with them.

Most people know us by our products, RISE and AutoPlan, and few by our company name. Last year, we started to talk about that and if we needed a new company name, product name, new email or just a full rebranding. After several conversations, getting a new marketing company, and talking to companies that have rebranded, Workflo came to be. We loved that it worked so well on so many levels. It is really what we talk about all day long. Flow of specifications to the paperwork, the flow of work through the shop, the flow down of information to the supply chain, it is in every part of our business. Then, our team at Ignition Studio designed us some great logos and a tag line – Work Smarter! and here we are.

So we will remain beyondRelations but will go by our product line Workflo. Workflo is a collection of systems, as the website shows, depending on your needs. We are still all about the relationships with data and with our customers. We are excited! We got a new look and new name, we have spent the last few months putting into place new systems to help us develop and manage the software, we developed project plans for better implementation and training, and we grew the team by a few members. We have our new Workflo/WIP coming out soon, and it is awesome! This is just the start of our new products coming.

This year is our tenth year in business. We are grateful for all of our customers and the supporting cast that have helped and continue to help us get here. It is not just a new look and name for us. It is a big step to a brave new future that we hope you will be part of with us!